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The Fastest Fifa 12 team ever!

Many people have wondered, what the fastest Fifa 12 Ultimate team on the planet would be, so, here I am to help. If have scrutinized the fifa 12 database and fifa 12 web app to find the fastest players in the game. This has taken a long time to make, please share this page on the left of the page to help me out.

The players must be able to play in their position of 4-4-2.

Here is the fastest ever Fifa 12 team ever:

1. Fabio

Fabio - Fastest Fifa 12 goalkeeper

Fabio - GK

Name: Fabio

Position: GK

Pace: 73

Nationality: Brazil

Club: Cruzerio

Price: 1,000 coins

About: Fabio is a great player, his speed is not exceptional, but the fastest out of every keeper in the game. Sure he will not keep up with the likes of Drogba and Walcott, but he will do better than any other Goalkeeper out there.


2. Eliseu (IF)

Eliseu - Fastest Fifa 12 LB ever

Eliseu - LB

Name: Eliseu

Position: Left Back

Pace: 93

Nationality: Portugal

Club: Malaga

Price: 10,000-30,000 coins

About: Eliseu, the fastest Fifa 12 player in the game. There is no faster left back, he is the best player you could have for defending your wings against pacey wingers. No need to feel threatened by wingers ever again!


3. Marvell Wynne

Marvell Wynne - Fastest defender in Fifa 12

Marvell Wynne - CB

Name: Marvell Wynne

Position: Centre defender

Pace: 96

Nationality: United States

Club: Colarado Rapids

Price: 25,000+ coins

About: This is the quickest defender in the game, need someone to stop Gervinho breaking through? This is your man. Also he is a silver, making him extremely rare and wanted by many people. This may explain his hefty price tag!


4. Kim Ju Young

Kim Ju Young - Fastest Fifa 12 Defender

Kim Ju Young - CB

 Name: Kim Ju Young

Position: CB

Pace: 86

Nationality: Korea Republic

Club: Gyeongnam FC

Price: 5,000+ coins

About: The second fastest CB in Fifa 12. Can you imagine having this guy alongside Wynne? They would be unstoppable. What a beast player, and relatively cheap. There is no reason why you should not have him now.


5. Dani Alves

Dani Alves - The fastest fifa 12 defender

Dani Alves- LB

 Name: Dani Alves

Position: Right Back

Pace: 93

Nationality: Brazil

Club: FC Barcelona

Price: 80,000 – 100,000 coins

About: Here is the legend that is Dani Alves. Arguably the best right back in the world, and with 93 pace, you can see why. He is a great player to have, but has a big price tag of over 80,000. I’d say that he is worth it.


6. Ryo Miyaichi

Ryo Miyaichi - Fastest Midfielder in Fifa 12

Ryo Miyaichi - LM

Name: Ryo Miyaichi

Position: Left Midfielder

Pace: 94

Nationality: Japan

Club: Arsenal

Price: 25,000+ coins

About: This player is pure class, being a silver he is rare, being fast he is even rarer. This player can split holes in any defence. He seems to glide across the pitch. You may think that he seems expensive, but you get what you pay for!


7. Vieirinha

Vieirinha - Fastest Fifa 12 midfielder

Vieirinha - CM

Name: Vieirinha

Position: CM

Pace: 92

Nationality: Portugal

Club: PAOK

Price: 800+ coins

About: The fastest centre midfielder in Fifa 12, and what a bargain! He could be yours for less than 1,000 coins, that is value for money. I would grab him now before people realise his true potential!


8. Sebastian Giovinco

Sebastian Giovinco - Fastest Fifa 12 midfielder

Sebastian Giovinco - CM

Name: Sebastian Giovinco

Position: CM

Pace: 91

Nationality: Italy

Club: Parma

Price: 1,500 – 5,000 coins

About: Giovinco is a great player, and for 1,500 coins he is a great bargain. There is no reason why you should not get him, with 91 pace and Miyaichi on the wing, who knows what sort of destruction you can create!


9.  Theo Walcott (IF1)

In Form Theo Walcott | The fastest player in Fifa

In Form Theo Walcott -RM

Name: Theo Walcott

Position: Right Midfielder

Pace: 97

Nationality: England

Club: Arsenal

Price: 110,000 – 150,000

About: The ‘wonder boy’ from Arsenal is only 22 years old and still has much to learn. With 96 pace he is the fastest player in the game, when you see this player running at you, you should feel afraid, very afraid, because he is gonna score against ya.


10. Dennis Oliech (IF1)

Dennis Oleich - Fastest Fifa 12 striker

Dennis Oleich - ST

Name: Dennis Oliech (IF1)

Position: Striker

Pace: 95

Nationality: Kenya

Club: AJ Auxerre

Price: 50,000- 80,000 coins

About: Oliech is an absolute monster, if you get this guy in a pack, you can expect to make at least 70,000 coins on the market. Being a silver has bumped his price up, but taking nothing away, he is insane! This guy and the roulette are a winning formula.


11. Seydou Doumbia

IF Doumbia - Fastest Striker in Fifa

IF Doumbia - ST

Name: Seydou Doumbia

Position: Striker

Pace: 95

Nationality: Ivory Coast

Club: CSKA Moscow

Price: 65,000 – 80,000

About: Doumbia is fast, very fast, and at 178cm tall, you can be sure that he will destroy any Fifa 12 defence, this guy and Oleich together up front can be sure of success, Imagine the fire power that these guys have!


This is the fastest fifa 12 ultimate team correct of 25/10/2011. If there are any (IF) updates please leave a comment below.

Who will be first to get this team? The prize for it will be a page on To enter: Leave a screenshot or video in the comments below.

This list took a long time to make, please make sure that you tweet, like, digg and share this post. See the Share bar on the left of  your screen. Feel free to link to this list on your website aswell.




  • Fred

    obviously now IF walcott :D

    • Danny

      I will update it :D

  • Glusac

    Quincy, right midfielder for Panathinaikos who has 94 pace without being IF.

    • Danny

      Yeah he is fast, I mwntion him in my breakdown of “Panathinaikos” , Unfortunately he is not faster than Walcott so cannot be put in this team.

  • Gorm

    Now that TOTY is out shouldn’t this be updated?

  • Jovan

    IF MESSI has 99 pace!

  • Tuppen

    As Gorm said you should update it because IF Messi is 99 pace.

    • Danny

      It’s hard to keep up with all of the in form players, i’ll try.

  • Rockrees

    Aaron Lennon – 95 pace

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  • Chris

    Jonathan Biabiany 96 pace and 97 acelleration

  • Aoifin McCauley

    What about IF remy and IF Ronaldo

  • john

    biabiany – parma rm 96 p w/o if

  • William

    Dennis Oliech is surely a menace, he would make a perfect partner for Van persie

    • Dan

      Yes very well, what a combination those two would be!

  • James

    IF Dani Alves 98 pace, MONSTER!!!!

  • http://ff robbie

    wheres peter crouch?

  • Joe


  • lol

    what about franck ribery?

  • james

    there is a faster left back from Belgium

  • Squarehead007

    messi toyt 99 ovr he is a beast

  • FIFAisdabestings

    Weres tarik Elyounounssi his pace is in the high 90’s

  • andy

    RM Gillingham nPower League 2 26 pace

    • Danny

      How can you be a winger with 26 pace!

  • Harry

    It is kind of pointless if you include informs and now TOTYs. Maybe it would be better if it was just the normal versions??

  • Jamison

    toty messi lol

  • Kristian

    eliseu wynne ramos TOTY(CB) alves TOTY

    biabiany vierinha giovinco IF ronaldo TOTY

    messi 99 walcott 85 IF (ST)

    Fastest team at FUT atm.. ;)