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The BEST coin making method – Fifa 13 Ultimate Team

Fifa 13 coin making method

So we have had a lot of Emails / Tweets / Facebook messages asking about how we make out Fifa Ultimate Team coins. Whilst others may try to flog you strange and obscure methods, I can honestly say that this is the only method that is guaranteed to make you a stable amount of coins.

The Ultimate FUT 13 Coin making method.

Basically, this method is about finding a good selling player, and snapping him up cheap then selling him on for slightly more. There is a criteria for the player, and you do need to know when to trade, how to choose the right deal, and when to move on. I’ll get more into the latter points later on. First off, how to choose a player.


Player Criteria.

Right, we need a player that is selling well, but has a lot of variation in price which allows you to create a profit. Choosing the right player depends on you budget. If you have 100,000 coins, you’ll be buying players around 25,000 coins. If you have 40,000 coins, you’ll be wanting to spend 10k  coins. So basically spend around a quarter of your overall coins.

Look at the stats:

Check through the main leagues, you need a player that is either the fastest, or the 2nd fastest in their position. This means that they are in constant demand as pace is always there.

Find the player using Futhead player search. Set a filter for league, position and pace, like this:

Futhead search filters

Futhead search filters

Don’t forget to sort by Pace by clicking the PAC tab.

The ideal target here is Shaun Right Phillips, he is fast, a high rated silver player, and costs around 18,000 coins.

Other Criteria:

If you can’t find anyone good targets this way, search by Overall. Pick up the highest rated players in that the league for that position.

You want:

Price: Over 10,000. (depending on budget)

Overall: Best / Second best in position.


Pace: Best in position.

This makes sure you have a player in demand that will always sell.


Buying / Selling your player:

Once you have acquired a target, you must get on the web app / console, and fire up the trading section.

Here, set these filters:


  • Level:


  • League:


  • Club:


  • Nation: 


  • Position:


  • Buy it Now Max Price:


For ‘price,’ check the average price using Futhead – by clicking on that player – there should be an estimate to the right.
Adjust price to find the cheapest on the market – don’t buy him yet! Make sure you’re getting the best deal.


Trading Times:


Try to buy players around 4pm to 3am GMT. This is helpful because there is the most amount of cards on the market, hence pushing down prices. There is sometimes an increase in price around 8pm to 9pm, so beware of that when trying to buy players.


Sell your players during the night or in the morning. Put a player up for 6 hours at 11pm to get the night, or 6 hours at 7pm for the morning. The reason for this is that at these times there are less players being sold, so you can expect higher prices.


You’re ready to make some Fifa coins.

If you’re in the right time period, pick up the cheapest players on the market. If they are exceptionally cheap, pick up two or three, if there is only one cheap guy, just take him.

Choosing the right deal:

Watch out for bad deals, the cheapest player is not always the best deal. Make sure that the time remaining is around: 49-50mins OR 2hr49 – 2hr59 OR 5hr49 to 5hr59.

See, if a lot of time has elapsed and no one has bought the player, you can tell that it is not such a good deal.


Selling the player(s).

Make sure you are in the right time period, (see above.) Set your players Buy It Now price to 1k-5k higher that you bought him for.

If your player doesn’t sell, try again. If, after 2 to 3 attempts, he still hasn’t sold, check the market prices and match the top price. It doesn’t matter if you make a small loss – choose a different player and start again.



Thanks for listening. I hope this method helps you out and gives you stacks of money coming in! It definitely worked wonders for me. The beauty about it is how simple it is, anyone can pick it up.

REMEMBER that EA charge a 5% Tax, if you are dealing with very expensive players (90k+,) you’re margins will get lower and lower. With very expensive players, you need to be making 10k+ profit on them to have a good amount after Tax.

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