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Strongest Players in Fifa 12

Due to popular demand, here are the Strongest Fifa 12 players on the game. You may notice Adebayo Akinfenwa from our Beast section, he truly is a powerful player. Every player here is extremely strong, and there are some really great bargains to be made here. I picked up two centre backs for 400 coins! Who can be the first to recreate this whole team, good luck!

2. George Elokobi

George Elokobi - Strongest defender LB

George Elokobi - LB

Age: 25

Position: Defender LB

Strength: 94

Club: Wolverhampton

League: Barclays PL

Nationality: Cameroon

Price: 3,000 – 6,000 coins



3. Darren Moore

Darren Moore - Strongest Defender CB

Darren Moore - CB

Age: 37

Position: Defender CB

Strength: 94

Club: Burton Albion

League: npower League 2

Nationality: Jamaica

Price: 200 coins



4. Rafal Grodzicki

Rafal Grodzicki - Strongest Defender Fifa CB

Rafal Grodzicki - CB

Age: 28

Position: Defender CB

Strength: 93

Club: Ruch Chorzów

League: Ekstraklasa

Nationality: Poland




5.  Ross Tokely

Ross Tokely - Strongest defender fifa rb

Ross Tokelt - RB

Age: 32

Position: Defender RB

Strength: 92

Club: Inverness

League: Scottish PL

Nationality: Scotland

Price: 200 coins



6. Jelle Van Damme

Jelle Van Damme Strongest Fifa Midfield LM

Van Damme - LM

Age: 28

Position: Midfielder LM

Strength: 92

Club: Standard de Liège

League: Belgium Pro League

Nationality: Belgium




7. Papa Bouba Diop

Papa Boupa Diop Strongest Fifa Midfielder CM

Papa Diop - CDM

Age: 33

Position: Midfielder CDM

Strength: 94

Club: West Ham United

League: npower Championship

Nationality: Senegal

Price: 17,000+



8. Lee McCulloch

Lee McCulloch strongest fifa midfielder cdm

Lee McCulloch - CDM

Age: 33

Position: Midfielder CDM

Strength: 93

Club: Rangers

League: Scottish PL

Nationality: Scotland

Price: 2,000



9. Claude Gnakpa

Claude Gnakpa Fastest Fifa Midfielder RM

Claude Gnakpa - RM

Age: 28

Position: Midfielder RM

Strength: 93

Club: Walsall

League: npower league 1

Nationality: France

Price: 4,000



10. Adebayo Akinfenwa

Adebayo Akinfenwa Strongest Fifa player Striker ST

Adebayo Akinfenwa - ST

Age: 29

Position: Striker ST

Strength: 97

Club: Northampton Town

League: npower League 2

Nationality: England

Price: 2,000+



11. Steve Fletcher

Steve Fletcher Strongest Striker Fifa ST

Steve Fletcher - ST

Age: 39

Position: Striker ST

Strength: 96

Club: Bournemouth

League: npower League 2

Nationality: England

Price: 500+


Please Tweet, share and comment below, have you got any of these players? Any strong players that you can recommend?

  • Calum Maclennan

    GNAKPA is easily the best defender on the game!

    • Danny

      What an actual beast! 87 pace and 93 strength! Unbelievable tekkers.

  • josh

    can you list all the players with 90 plus strength? also danny shittu surely has to be in there! PAtrick agyemang used to be an absolute animal in fifa 200 too!

    • josh


    • Danny

      Yeah I’ll do a 90+ strength list soon if you want, I have been really busy hence the un-updated site :/

  • Jonny

    Chelsea’s Lukaku – Monster strength and excellent pace.

  • Hally

    Got akinfenwa for 150 coins! Dirt cheap!

    • Danny

      No way! That is crazy!

    • charles

      actually that akinfenwa was probably sold by me. i was really annoyed with him >:(

  • Sean

    What about Wilfried Bony, from Vitesse? He plays as a striker, he has 96 strength and 76 Overall – Better than Steve Fletcher…

  • Richard

    Akinde bronze st plays for crawley town npower league 2 81 strength but uses it like a boss and heskey

    • Dan

      I know what you mean about Akinde, but Heskey, HESKEY??? Haha

  • Matthew

    Onyewu upgraded 99 strength. Sporting Lisbon & USA

  • cameron coutts

    Got some bargins!! AKINFENWA 800 coins buy now 4-4-2, Elokobi 2,000 buy now 4-4-2 and Gnakpa (He’s amazing!) 200 coins bid! Onyewu has 94 strength he’s a CB 75 overall Sporting Lisbon and from USA (He also has 86 Defending and 82 Heading)! Put a list of all the player over 90 strength please.

  • Connor

    Who is the strongest goalie???

  • Smelliot

    Julio baptiste for Malaga is a tank he’s got 90 plus and so does chris samba

  • craig

    I would like to mention that upgraded Emeinke should be on this list. He is a monster. 92 finishing, 96 longshots and 99 shotpower. But the key thing is that he has 97 strength. He should replace Fletcher. Even with that strength he still has 84 pace as well. Get him nooooooooooooooooooow!

    • Smelliot

      Who does he play for??

      • Frutuz

        Emineke is a nigerian striker who plays for Spartak Moscow in the russian league.

  • Squarehead007

    I have made this team and i love it you can push past anyone i played a full barca team and won 3-1 because of this team

    • Danny

      Haha nice, Gnakpa is my favourite player!

  • Sam


  • Marcelo

    Nikola Zigic!!! he has a heigth of 202 cm and is the stronger Forward that I ever seen!!

    Now he plays in Birmingham City of the nPower Championship

    • Danny

      Not in Fifa 12, but yes in Fifa 13

  • farfan

    lol u know whats funny, this shows that crap people have more strength than the best playerz on fifa.