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Fifa Street Skill Moves List

Every Fifa Street Skill Move and Trick

Here is a list of all the Fifa Street Skills moves and tricks. Each skill has many different variations based on where you are on the pitch, which direction you are facing, and which way you are moving. The skills and tricks get progressively harder as you go down the list. They are split into Fundamental Tricks and Special Tricks. Special tricks are harder and need to be unlocked in the World Tour Game Mode. All tricks shown here are for XBOX 360.

Fundamental Tricks:

Skill Name Buttons Used Extra Tips
 Stand on Ball Fifa Street skills: Stand on Ball  Just click the stick.
 Body feints Fifa Street Skills: Body feint Quick skill that combosnicely with others
 Stepover  Fifa Street Skill: Stepovers Great for putting offyour opponent.Different variation whenrunning sideways
 Juggling Fifa Street skills: Juggling Excellent for startingspecial skills.
Ball Roll  fifa street skills: Ball Roll  Move the ball roundplayers and keepers
Heel Chop Fifa street skills: Heel chop Chop the ballto create extra space
 Rainbow Flick  Fifa Street Skills: Rainbow Flick  Flick the ball over your head.Many variations available.
 Flip Flap  Fifa Street skills: Flip Flap Elastico, manipulate the ballaway from defenders
Roulette Fifa Street Skills: Roulette  Spin over the ball aroundkeeper and players.


Special Tricks:


Skill Name Buttons Used  Extra Tips
 Fake Back  Fake Back  Great for holding offDefenders.
 Knee Feint  Knee Feint  Show off with this,It looks pretty sweet
 Neck Stall  Neck Stall  Hold the ball on your neck.Humiliate your opponent
 Fake Back Rainbow  Fake Back Rainbow  Crazy skill, looks greatwhen done right.
 McGeady Spin  McGeady Spin  Same as Fifa 12.Ball shoots off sometimes.
 Blanco Hop  Blanco Hop  Really hard to do rightNeeds lots of space
 Ginga Toe Chop  Ginga Toe Chop  Easy skill, Looks amazingClose up.
 Ginga Fake Back  Ginga Fake Back  Easier version of fake back.As seen in Fifa 12.
 Ginga Tic Tac  Ginga Tic Tac  Nice skill, tease your opponent.
 Ginga Spin On Ball  Ginga Spin on Ball  Dance around the ball, comboswell with other skills.
 Ginga Roulette  Ginga Roulette  Nice skill for moving past anopponent. Combined withrabona cross looks great.
 Hocus Pocus  Hocus pocus  Nice but hard to control.Master it first.
 Around the World  Around the World  Tease defenders, combos wellwith in air elastico.
 Stand on Ball to
Smack Down
 Stand on ball to smack down  Nice looking, combo withrainbow flick or juggling.
 Fake Back to
Smack Down
 Fake Back to Smack Down  Brilliant trick, combo withjuggling or rainbow flick.
 Rainbow Swirl  Rainbow Swirl  Crazy street trick, looksgreat on Fifa Street.
 Elastico Chop  Elastico Chop  As seen on Fifa 12.Useful against keepers.
 Freeze 360  Freeze 360  Show off trick. Use towardsthe middle of the pitch.
 Fake Back Roulette  Fake Back Roulette  Awesome skill, easy to doand looks great.
 Double Heel Pop  Double Heel Pop  My Favourite skill, needsplenty of space. Great way todestroy defenders.
 Air Flip Flap  Air Flip Flap  Use in centre circle, flick itright over opponent’s head.
 Air Roulette  Air Roulette  Cool skill, combos well aftera ‘smack down.’
 Touzani Around
The World
 Touzani Around the World  Classy skill, hard to use right.
 Reverse Toe Bounce  Reverse Toe Bounce  As seen in Fifa 12. Show offskill really. Combo withrainbow flick.
 Around The World
 Around the World Reverse  Tease defenders, combo within air Flip Flap.
 Lemmens Around
 The World
 Lemmens Around the world  Double around the world.Looks amazing.
 Air Flip-Flap Fake  Air Flip Flap Fake  Crazy skill, humiliate defenders Combos wellwith In Air Flip Flap
 Back Heel Air Touch  Back Heel Air Touch  Show off skill, looks great.

Combo with rainbow flick.

Hands and Knees Header Trick:

This extra trick allows you to score on the floor using your head.

Press: RB + LB and Click RS. Then press shoot. This can be done anywhere. Check out FifaTipzHD’s video here.



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  • Ross

    Best demo ever(after fifa 12)

    • Dan

      I agree Ross, I love this demo. Can’t get enough of it!

  • Michael

    Best demo ever!
    I have printed all the skill moves off, now to master them…no uni today then :P

    • Dan

      Michael, I am going to be making a special booklet for these skills. Sign up to our newsletter on the right to get it as soon as it is released :)

  • Robhavok

    Great website, needed to print these off.
    Ive noticed some of the tricks can easily be combo’s.
    Maybe you guys could list those too, I can share combo’s that work well for me

  • Alexinho

    If you want to know why FIFA STREET can be so damn realistic, check this behind the secen making of video :

  • Jesto

    Glad someone out there could actually put a trick book together, without the annoying youtube video. I like how you give detail of what the tricks do, as well. Not to be a begger, but ever thought of explaining what tactics to use with the tricks? I get confused on what tricks I should coordinate together.