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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Price Crash

market crash

The FUT Market Crash.

It’s that time of year again, Team of the Year (TOTY) is on the horizon and the inevitable price crash has begun, a bit earlier than expected, but it’s here. If you’re not familiar with the price crash it’s when literally all the players on market start dropping in value massively, as everyone is trying to sell  a lot of their players for a few reasons.  Firstly, everyone wants lots of coins for when TOTY happens, so they’re trying to sell a lot of their players to try and either save up their coins to maybe buy a TOTY player or buy packs.  In turn people will get frustrated and will just try and get anything for their players when they’re not selling. So this causes literally all the players on the market to decrease in price quite drastically. Others reasons for the players losing their value is the amount of packs which are opened at TOTY time so the market is flooded with players causing them to drastically lost their price.


“Decrease in price quite drastically”


Another reason people will sell is knowing that player prices are falling so they will sell all their expensive players  such as IF’s or high rated cards, because they are trying to get decent money for their players before they lose a lot of their value. This is generally done by the more experienced players who have played FUT for a few years and know how the market changes at this time of year. They will then in a month or so down the line after all the TOTY players are released and when player prices are at their lowest after a lot of packs have opened and buy back a lot of their higher rated players for cheap. It’s a clever tactic but isn’t risk free as not all players will lose some of their price but that’s the risk they take you take when trying this method out.

My Advice:

My advice to any of you FUT players out there who own any high rated players or IF’s then sell sell sell. This is if you are coin conscious and like to try out different players and teams. As if you don’t sell now you could lose out on even more coins then you already will. A couple of players for example who I have seen drop in price drastically are IF Palacio and Ibrahimovic. I’ve been keeping an eye on both and IF Palacio has dropped around 60 or 70k and Ibra has dropped tremendously, after his amazing volley against England he rose to around 700k coins. But since the start of the price crash he dropped under 500k, which is just bonkers over a 200k drop.

For the less coin conscious people you don’t have to sell your big expensive players, if you love your team and your players, then don’t sell. A lot of people are selling all their big players and building very cheap teams which they will have to use for a month or so till TOTY. You don’t have to follow the crowd you can do what you want with your team, why not just enjoy your players for as long as you want.

So in conclusion if you’re a rich bugger and you want to try out some of the TOTY players or want to keep your coins or make some then sell your expensive players now. But if you love your team and aren’t to fussed about TOTY then keep your players and maybe pick up some bargains in a month or so.

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