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Fifa 12 Definitions list


There are so many crazy abbreviations in the Fifa series that sometimes it can get really confusing. Many people each day ask me what these mean, so it made sense to create a post highlighting the definitions of each term that could be misconstrued. Check out the keywords, their definitions and where they could be found in Fifa 12.


The Fifa Dictionary

Brasilver- Brazilian Silver player – Ultimate team slang, a Brazilian player with a silver card is known as a Brasilver.

CAM – Centre Attacking Midfielder – Player position, Centre attacking Midfielder.

CB- Centre Back – Player position, Central Defender.

CF- Centre Forward – Player Position, Centre Forward.

CM- Centre Midfield – Player position, Central Midfielder.

CR7 – Christiano Ronaldo – Arguably the best player in the world, his shirt number (7) and name is abbreviated to CR7.

EA- Electronic Arts – The creators of the Fifa Series.

FM12 – Fifa Manager 2012 – a Football manager simulation game for the PC created by Sega.

FUT- Fifa Ultimate Team – A game mode in Fifa 09, Fifa 10, Fifa 11 and Fifa 12 where you create your own team with different players around the world.

GG – Good game – Said to an opponent after what you consider to be a good game.

GK- Goalkeeper – Player position, Goalkeeper.

H2h –  Head to Head – A game mode on Fifa 12 that allows you to play your way to promotion or relegation and make your way to Division one against other online players.

IF- In Form – An Ultimate Team term that indicates that a special version of a player has been created because of the player’s real life performance.

IRL- In Real Life – Heard when talking about players not on Fifa but in real life.

KSI- KSIOlajidebt – the biggest Fifa 12 Youtuber has the abbreviation KSI which might be put together with his followers- KSIArmy.

LB-  Left Back – Player position, Left Defender.

LM- Left Midfielder – Player position, Left Midfielder.

LW- Left Wing – Player position, Left winger.

LWB- Left Wing Back – Player Position, Left Wing Back

MOTM- Man of the Match – New orange coloured cards indicate that the player was given Man of the Match by EA and the card rating will be higher than the base card.

RB- Right Back – Player position, Right Defender.

RM- Right Back – Player position, Right Defender.

RW- Right Wing – Player Position, Right Winger.

RWB- Right Wing Back -Player Position, Right Wing back.

SIF- Second In Form – The second time a player has an In Form card, it is called a second in form. The rating is not always better than it’s first in form card.

ST- Striker – Player position, Striker.

Sweating- Cheap play- Using cheap methods to score easy goals on Fifa. Examples are the cut back and back post crosses.

TIF- Third in form – The third time a player has had an In Form card in Ultimate Team. Examples are Naldo (84) and Messi (96).

TOTW- Team of the week – EA release In Form cards every week for their real life version if they have played well. The TOTW consists of 11 players.

UP- Upgraded player – In Ultimate Team, sometimes players are upgraded to reflect their real life performance. These are called UP cards.

Yeousch- Youtube partnership platform – Some Youtubers partner with Yeousch to help their channel grow and receive money for their videos.

YT- Youtube – often heard on Twitter, YT is an abbreviation of Youtube.



New words and definitions will be added as they are discovered. Please comment any words that you are unsure of and they will be added to the list.


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  • Marco

    HP – Hacked Pro

    Bottom Feeders – pro club groups of 5 or more who refuse to play any teams with more than 3 players.

    Own Goal Troll – people in pro-ranked matches who join simply to score own goals and ruin everyones ratings.

    *** I don’t consider “sweaty goals” cheap they are scored by a players ability to take advantage of poor defensive mistakes and bad positioning. Any good defender should be aware of the possibility of a cut-back and maintain coverage until they can steal or block. Any good keeper can use LT turn back and block a far post cross and the best of them can even take on the two attacker pass across goal.


    Cool and clear list.. One can easily understand this .. Nice and worth reading…

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