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Beast Players – O’Brian White

O'Brian White

O'Brian White

O’Brian White is an absolute beast.

I mean look at him, beast.

Age: 25

Heigh: 6ft 1

Club: Seattle Sounders FC

League: MLS

Nationality: Jamaican

Best stat:  85 sprint speed


O'Brian White cost on Fifa Ultimate Team

O'Brian White cost on Fifa Ultimate Team

His price on Fifa 12 Ultimate Team? A lot, after KSIOlajidebt’s video on him, his price has risen to over £30,000.

He is an absolute beast though, his 85 sprint speed means that you can turn the opposition’s defence inside out. His 3 star skills mean that you can use basic skill moves and these can prove useful when facing multiple defender.

O'Brian White Ultimate Team Card

O'Brian White Ultimate Team Card


82 Pace: Negotiate the defenders with ease.

60 Shooting: Best suited to close range shooting

38 passing: Not very good really!

63 Dribbling: Allows good sized touches for attacking defenders

52 Defending: Not bad for a bronze striker, helps tackling in the centre of the pitch.

67 Heading: Good for getting on the end of corners and crosses.

3 Star skill: Allows basic skill moves to take on defenders.




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  • Tarik

    Wow! I remember this guy back in college. He played for Uconn.

    That’s a ton of coins for a bronze player. Do you have any tips on building a good Ultimate team?

    • Danny

      I am working on a bronze team post, it should be out soon :D