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10 Best Free kick takers in Fifa

Fifa 12 Free kick takers

Top Free kick takers in Fifa 12

Free kicks are one of the easiest ways to score in Fifa 12, a well taken shot will leave the opposing goalkeeper stranded, wondering what has just happened. One of the easiest ways to score a free kick is having  a specialist free kick taker. I tried not to include IF players in here, Naldo is the only exception. Many people have been wondering who the best are, so without further ado, here they are:


Kennedy Bakircioglu - Best Free kicks Fifa 12

Kennedy Bakircioglu

Name: Kennedy Bakircioglu

Position: Right Midfielder -RM

Free kick Accuracy: 81

Curve: 92

Shot Power: 84

Traits: Long Shot taker

About: Right Footed. You may not have even heard about his guy, but his Free kicks are absolutely spectacular. His 92 curve is one of the highest in the game and enables you to really stretch the goalkeeper as they spin it around the wall. Keep an eye out for him.


Van Persie - Best Fifa 12 Free kick

Van Persie

Name: Van Persie

Position: Striker -ST

Free Kick Accuracy: 80

Curve: 86

Shot Power: 90

Traits: Flair

About: Left footed. Van Persie is pretty well known for his free kick taking abilities. His powerful foot rifles home many a season, and is a must have if you need a good penalty taker. It is no surprise that he is one of the best free kick takers in Fifa 12.


Christiano Ronaldo - Best Free kick Fifa

Christiano Ronaldo

Name: Cristiano Ronaldo

Position: Left Wing -LW

Free Kick Accuracy: 87

Curve: 88

Shot Power: 93

Traits: Power Free Kick, Flair

About: Right Footed. Renowned around the world for his awesome shooting, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a beast at free kicks. He steps up with his trademark stances, and uses his special ‘no spin’ technique to baffle the keeper with some outrageous spin. He doesn’t come cheap however, he can cost over 1million coins.


roberto carlos - Free kick fifa

Roberto carlos

Name: Roberto Carlos

Position: Center defensive Midfield -CDM

Free Kick Accuracy: 88

Curve: 88

Shot Power: 91

Traits: Power Free Kick Taker, Long shot taker

About: Left footed. Roberto Carlos is well known for his spectacular free kick against France -see link, , Carlos really does have some power. His free kicks seem to defy physics as they bend at impossible rates, just use him and see what he is capable of..


Juninho - Best Freekick Fifa12


Name: Juninho

Position: Centre Attacking Midfield – CAM

Free Kick Accuracy: 93

Curve: 88

Shot Power: 86

Traits: Swerve pass

About: Right footed. Juninho has always been insane at free kicks, his accuracy is just outstanding, 93, this along with your technique allows you to drift free kicks past the keeper each time, easy.


Steven Gerrard - Best Free kick taker Fifa 12

Steven Gerrard

Name: Steven Gerrard

Position: Centre Attacking Midfield -CAM

Free Kick Accuracy: 85

Curve: 85

Shot Power: 95

Traits: Long Shot Taker

About: Right footed. ‘Stevie G’ has a great strike on him. He often takes free kicks for England and almost always for Liverpool. His power is amazing, just watch as he rockets the ball into the net. Just wow.


Didier Drogba - Best free kick fifa

Didier Drogba

Name:  Didier Drogba

Position: Striker – ST

Free Kick Accuracy: 89

Curve: 75

Shot Power: 91

Traits: Power Free Kick

About: Right footed. As Drogba steps up to the ball, you just know that the keeper will be tested, his free kicks often end up as goals. He has scored many free kicks for Chelsea, his preferred technique being – hit it as hard as you can.


Alberto costa - Best free kick

Alberto costa

Name: Alberto Costa

Position:  Centre Attacking Midfield

Free Kick Accuracy: 87

Curve: 89

Shot Power: 89

Traits: Power Free Kick, Long Shot taker

About: Left footed. I actually bought Alberto Costa on Fifa UT when I saw his ratings, and he only cost 150 coins! Seriously, this guy is the bargain of the century, his stats are all equally insane and he is a great all round player. Add him to your squad now!



Naldo IF2 - Best freekick fifa ever

Naldo IF2

Name: Naldo IF

Position: Centre Defender -CB

Free Kick Accuracy: 99

Curve: 80

Shot Power: 99

Traits: Power free kick

About: Right footed. I wasn’t going to include IF players, but this guy’s stats are just unreal, anyone that has played with him please give us some feedback on his free kicks, the 99’s speak for themselves; this man is an animal!



Dani Alves - Best free kick Fifa 12

Dani Alves

Name: Dani Alves

Position: Right Back defender – RB

Free Kick Accuracy: 78

Curve: 77

Shot Power: 88

Traits: Power Free kick

About: Right footed. As a RB, you may not think that Dani Alves has many opportunities to take free kicks, but he does. Simply because of his astonishing skill. His shot power is absolutely crazy – 99, what a lad!

Worth a Mention:

1. David Beckham,

Best stat: Curve = 92

2. Xavi,

Best stat: FKacc = 87


Best stat: FKacc = 90


Best stat: FKacc = 92

5. IF Taylor.

Best stat: Shot Power = 99

In Conclusion:

So there you go, the top ten best free kick takers in Fifa 12, use them wisely. These players vary massively in price, Costa is 250, whilst IF Naldo is upwards of 200,000, so don’t believe that you can get them all!

If you are struggling with your free kick technique, take a look at BarcaBoy’s Free kick tutorial, it is great fun and an easy way to bag a few extra goals.

If you have a player that you believe should be on this leader board, leave a comment below, I will try to add them if they are worthy. As always please tweet this post, share it and just love it, Danny.


  • Server

    Where is Rooney, Giggs, Sheijder?

    • Danny

      Sneijder has got a mention now.

      • Rob

        I think that you need to add Ibrahimovic, Swedish, ST, and Tawio, LB, AC Milan(I think its 91 FKA and 88 FKP)

  • Lewis


    • Danny

      Xavi is up there now.

  • Dan

    Costa is left-footed.

    • Danny

      My mistake, changed it.

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  • Nick

    What about Honda from CSKA?

    • Brandon

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I can’t believe he isn’t even in the ‘Worth a mention’ section.

  • Harry

    Just sold my IF naldo 84 rubbish free kicks really stats were not good in game but its probably because he is inform they havent changed on the actual stat meter before the free kick etc, but he is really bad to be honest and i master free kicks, nothing special :S

    • Danny

      Wow, I cannot believe what I am hearing..

    • LoL

      to be honest youra most probaly shit a free kicks

  • Bob

    2ND IF NALDO – are his status really 99 power and fka because i brought him and his stats was only around 70’s

  • Jim

    2ND IF NALDO – are his status really 99 power and fka because i brought him and his stats was only around 70’s…….

    • Danny

      Yep I checked it, they are definitely right.

      • mike

        wtf, Naldo in form is only 59 free kick accuracy and 59 power 59!!!

        • Dan

          The 84 version is.

  • Frank

    I think your missing a key player here. Frank Lampard has got more than impressive free kick stats.

    • Danny

      I’ll take a look, thanks.

  • jun35

    Just wondering, what about the swedish player Sebastian Larsson? From Sunderland.

    • Danny

      Yeah he is good, just not good enough for the top 10!

  • matty

    Honda has the bet free kick on the game with 89 accuracy 92 curve and 87 power!!!!

  • Jack

    Marcus dos Santos Assuncao, from Palmeiras
    Definitely should be get a mention. 92 free kick accuracy 87 power 86 curve , plus he’s a silver

    • Dan

      Sweet, I’ll take a look.

      • http://www.inothaveawebsite,com FIFAKlops

        Alex from corinthians…
        Chicão from corinthians…


  • Nathan

    Ryan taylor for newcastle, im not a newcastle fan but hes got 85 curve and 87 Fk accuracy

  • figooo

    Dani alvess… i love playing with brazil because of their incredible counter sternght and speed! But when it comes to free kicks with mr alves.. he takes such a looong sprint, and opponent have time to stand and protect with a defender.. Im not sure who to use in brazil, but hulks power and fair accuracy is often enough!

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    Hope you enjoy!

  • Jack G

    Ian Harte definitely worth a mention

  • cemlo


  • Lee

    Stewart Downing. never misses

  • aceofsween

    Missing a few from Brazil:
    Ronaldinho: Low power, but curve and accuracy are high 80s low 90s
    Michel Bastos: 90 power, 86 accuracy, ~82 curve
    Hulk: Stats are evading me, but he has more power than Bastos, a touch less accuracy, but more curve.

  • Miniman17

    What about bastos from lyon

  • Cody

    Where is Keisuke Honda, he’s better than most of these guys.

  • You missed on

    SIF Vertonghen 97 FK Accuracy

  • Connor

    y u no acknowlage ibrahimovic

  • ummm hi

    Where is RONALDINHO, curve 92!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ApilDeGangsta

    I know the player i’m going to talk about is old and a bit worse but he’s a freekick legend and it’s David Beckham. :)

  • Pim van ‘t Geloof

    Sneijder misses! :O